Kitchen Cabinet Refacing for Mundelein, IL

Any kitchen remodeling can feel daunting, especially if you anticipate a costly project. Fortunately, you can place your mind at ease by entrusting experts with over a decade of home improvement experience to tackle your kitchen cabinet refacing project.

Unlike expensive cabinet replacements, refacing cabinets is when expert installers veneer the existing cabinet boxes with a new color, material, and style and add new doors and drawer fronts to match. Ultimately, Mundelein homeowners will have an amazing new kitchen and a lifetime warranty offered exclusively through our company.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing vs. Cabinet Replacement

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing vs. Cabinet Replacement for Mundelein

Homeowners in Mundelein and the rest of Chicagoland don’t need to replace kitchen cabinets to achieve a dream kitchen. After all, replacements can take a long time and cost a significant amount of money in the process. Not to mention, many cabinets in good condition don’t need to be replaced at all.

Consider refacing cabinets as an alternative to replacing cabinets. Kitchen cabinet refacing means installing a new material, style, and color to your existing boxes, doors, and drawer fronts. An entire refacing project requires only 2 days and provides much more bang for your buck than a kitchen cabinet replacement.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing vs. Cabinet Painting for Mundelein

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing vs. Cabinet Replacement

On the surface, painting might be considered an alternative to refacing. Painting kitchen cabinets might sound good in theory, but there are numerous challenges compared to refacing cabinets.

Many DIY painting projects result in blotches, smears, and streaks. Paint also attracts dust and grime, which requires cleaning products that may potentially ruin the paint. Mundelein homeowners should put away the brushes and reach out to expert kitchen remodelers for kitchen cabinet refinishing and refacing.