Kitchen Cabinet Refacing for Rosemont, IL

When discussing a kitchen remodeling project, cost and project time are always at the forefront. If you consider either of those as potential holdups, consider kitchen cabinet refacing from a local team of expert installers, backed by 10 years of home improvement experience, service in Rosemont and the greater Chicagoland area.

Refacing cabinets can transform your kitchen for half the cost of a replacement. We apply a new veneer to the existing cabinet boxes, giving them fresh color, material, and style. After just 2 days, homeowners have a fabulous new kitchen backed up by a lifetime warranty.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing vs. Cabinet Replacement

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing vs. Cabinet Replacement for Rosemont

Rosemont homeowners don’t need to replace kitchen cabinets to achieve the stunning kitchen they always envisioned. Replacements cost a lot of money and require multiple days to complete. Not to mention, the process destroys many high-quality cabinets.

Refacing cabinets can deliver an equally-stunning kitchen for less money. For those unfamiliar, kitchen cabinet refacing is a 2 day or less process where the existing cabinet boxes and doors are refaced with a new material, style, and color. Once that’s done, homeowners will have new cabinets at nearly half the cost of a kitchen cabinet replacement.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing vs. Cabinet Painting for Rosemont

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing vs. Cabinet Replacement

Painting kitchen cabinets may seem viable, but that is often incorrect. A DIY painting project can lead to streaks, blotched paint, and uneven coating. Household paint also attracts dust and dirt, requiring harsh cleaning products that can wipe away the paint. Overall, it’s a mess you wouldn’t get by refacing cabinets.

Rosemont homeowners should ditch the paint and call upon experienced kitchen remodelers to reface their cabinets. Within two days or less, you’ll have an expertly-renovated space that could only be achieved through proper kitchen cabinet refinishing.