Kitchen Cabinet Refacing for Wheaton, IL

While each room serves a vital function, the kitchen is at the heart of every home. Our trained experts have provide homeowners of Wheaton and Chicagoland with modern and elegant kitchen cabinet refacing projects.

Kitchen cabinet refacing requires expert installers to replace the “skins” of a cabinet set. Each project starts by removing the doors and drawer fronts, followed by applying a new laminate, color, and style. Refacing cabinets can quickly uncover a brand-new kitchen in just 2 days, costing less and coming with a guaranteed lifetime warranty.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing vs. Cabinet Replacement

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing vs. Cabinet Replacement for Wheaton

Many homeowners long for a professional kitchen renovation. However, due to financial concerns or an inconvenient timeline, most projects never get off the ground. Both worries relate to kitchen cabinet replacement, but kitchen cabinet refacing tackles each with relative ease.

Refacing cabinets allows Wheaton homeowners to overhaul their kitchens for much less than a standard replacement cost. By applying a new veneer on the cabinet boxes and replacing the drawer fronts, doors, and hardware, your fresh, modernized kitchen will be ready in only 2 days.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing vs. Cabinet Painting for Wheaton

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing vs. Cabinet Replacement

Wheaton and other Chicagoland homeowners believe painting kitchen cabinets can offer the same results as refacing cabinets. However, that’s simply not the case. While a few people can paint successfully, many DIY operations end in disaster.

Painting doors and drawers without streaks, splotches, or uneven finishes is a near-impossible task without the proper tools and training. Dirt and dust also accumulate quickly on traditional household paint and require coat-removing cleaning products. Instead of painting, consult your local kitchen contractor and get quoted for a cabinet refacing project.